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QCTI's innovative products have been specifically designed and developed to help you manage your online "community" more efficiently and effectively.

Our web-systems has been designed so you can tailor our system features to support your organization's unique needs without having to be a technical expert.
This saves you time and development costs while allowing you to very quickly implement our web solution for your online community's benefit.

Our solutions are modular so you can implement what you need today and our web solution can grow with you as your needs evolve and grow.

Our web solutions will help you enable or enhance your online community with some of the following capabilities:





Rapid Setup & Ongoing Operations   Ease of Access - Internet   Security - Permission-based Access
Our "Software as a Service" (SaaS) solution means that you don't need to invest into any additional hardware equipment and software. Our system is available on-demand over the Internet wherever and whenever you need it so users can access 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.   Ease of access - users can access our web-system from anywhere using web browsers and wireless devices; hence information is right at their fingertips.   Easy to use tools allow you to quickly set up and manage your user membership and user permissions. Each member will have access to the information based on different levels of group permission-based access control policy that you can control.




Rich Functionality & Real Time Content Management   Communications & Productivity Gains   Easily Promote Brand Awareness
Our self-administered easy-to-use content management functions will allow users with even minimal computer skills to enrich the web site with your evolving needs.
  Improve your overall business operations, communications and collaboration. Automated email notifications for processes such as online member registrations, service requests, inquiries ensure your staff or management is kept informed. Our work flow process tracks the status of requests and allows your management to  accept or reject.   Our web solution allows you to establish your community's image and  differentiate your community. Easily promote and brand your online prescence to maintain and attract new visitors or members.



Robust Data Tracking & Audit Trail   Flexible Scheduling & Reporting   Customer Support & Service
Repetitive day-to-day operating processes will be automated and moved to an online paperless "green" environment. Transaction data is stored and is available as an audit trail. Our automated processes will improve the productivity of your staff and reduce manual efforts and errors.   Our product covers registration, scheduling, unit assignment, tournaments, scoring, and statistics management. Simplified graphical reporting and flexible selection criteria for issues and work history management. The communication tools allow two-way interaction; and the online forms facilitate signups and multiple payment options.   QCTI employs highly skilled consultants who have extensive technical expertise in designing, building, implementing and optimizing solutions based on your requirements. Our consultants work with you to fully understand your business environment and tailor the best solution to meet your needs.


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